About my Crazy Life

I am a single mom from Maryland just trying to keep up with my crazy life. My Boo Boo is the center of my world, everything I do is for him. I never expected to be a single mom but I try to just make the best of it and enjoy as many of the mom moments as I can.

When I’m not hanging out at the park with my Boo Boo I’m working full-time at a non-profit, UPAVIM Crafts, or staying up all night to finish a freelance job.

I’ve always dreamed of owning my own business so I’m constantly exploring ways to make that happen. I’ve tried direct sales (to date, I’ve tried Jamberry, 31, Clever Container, Beachbody and Young Living!) One thing I’ve really learned from these businesses is that I don’t like selling stuff to my friends and family. I love the products but I just am not comfortable with the business model. I am happy to support my friends pursuing their own businesses and I’ll try to buy from them whenever possible – if they are successful, more power to them! It’s just not for me.

During each of these failed experiments in owning my own business, I turned to blogging to try to sell my product. So, what does that tell me? I don’t love selling products, I just love writing. So that’s what I’m going to stick with from now on! I probably won’t make my fortune this way but at least I’m doing what I love! You can help by liking me on Facebook and following me on Twitter and Pinterest.


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